LOTE Wordle

Curriculum Summary:

The ability to use a Language Other Than English (LOTE), and to have an understanding of different cultures is important for full participation in the modern world, especially in the context of increasing globalisation and Australia’s cultural diversity. At Patterson Lakes Primary School the designated LOTE are French, Italian and Spanish.

Students in Year 1 and 2 are taught French every week for 30 minutes. Students in Year 3 to 4 participate in weekly Italian classes of 50 minutes and students in Year 5 and 6 participate in weekly Spanish lessons of 50 minutes.

The LOTE Program focuses on the development of students’ communication skills and knowledge and understanding of social, historical, familiar relationships and other aspects of the specific language and culture. Students develop as interculturally aware citizens, of increasing importance at a time of rapid and deep globalisation.

The emphasis is on listening and communicating using the language. Students are encouraged to speak in LOTE and participate in a range of language activities, games, competitions, singing songs and role-play. Opportunities are provided for the use of technologies including Internet links to LOTE.

Patterson Lakes Primary School has two LOTE events taking place in alternate years. One is the LOTE Week celebration in which a day is dedicated to each of the languages, French, Italian and Spanish. During the week the students participate in various incursions and workshops to experience and relate to the culture and the way of life in France, Italy, Spain and South America. The other event is an excursion offered to Level 4 students, which provides the experience of LOTE outside the classroom.


Grade 1 and 2

Students study French using puppets and games to explore the topics of the family, the school, colours, numbers, animals as well as France and its culture and traditions.

Grade 3 and 4

The Italian Curriculum is organised through themes and topics (basic greetings, numbers, colours, weather, stories, games, songs and days) that introduce the key idea that many societies and people within Australia often use languages other than English to communicate.

Grade 5 and 6

Students are introduced to the Spanish language and culture. Through various topics and themes (formal and informal greetings and introductions, jobs, sports, festivals, music and cultural icons) the students are taught basic communicative language and knowledge of the Spanish culture.