STEAMing into Space- family Open night

General Information

The school hall, Steam Centre and the main building will be we be open between 4:30pm and 7:30 pm on Monday 12th August for families to come along and participate in a range of activities, competitions and displays across the school as part of National Science Week. These include the PRSC school band that will play as part of the official opening, Star Dome, meet real CSIRO scientists, art and science displays, PLPS Lego Masters competition and E=MC2 Challenge, take photos and selfies at one of our photo booths, explore robots, play games, make things to take home and so much more. We are also hosting an official screening of the International Science Week films awards in the primary category in our pop up SCinema.  You can also grab a sausage at our sausage sizzle. Everyone is welcome.

Family Competitions and Challenges

Lego Masters

Build your own LEGO Masters creation at home based on a space theme and display it on the night and be eligible to win most popular as voted by visitors to our open night.

E=MC2 Challenge

Design a rocket, space shuttle or any winged craft that can seat a Lego person in an open top box on the craft on a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car chassis 1:64 scale and launch it off our track and get your name of the Challenge leader boards Top Gear style. To successfully achieve a challenge the craft must land in an upright position with the Lego person still contained in its open seat, no glue or tape!

There are 4 challenges.  1) Launch and escape Earth’s gravity and land safely. 2) Land on the Moon. 3) Land on MARS and 4) Stop on the top of the gravity hill.

Testing and tweaking your home built models on the night is encouraged. Only winged craft are allowed on the track.

Specifications: Track width: 5cm. Launch height: 110cm. Track length: 227cm (125cm before gravity hump). Gravity hump: span 82 cm, height 55cm. Targets from end of track:  Moon: 30cm, Mars: 90cm.