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Reading bear


reading activities especailly designed for the beginner reader


Beginner reading games


reading games grouped according to reading skill activity


Read Aloud stories


Links to story books by title on You Tube


Cbeebies Australia story time


Interactive reading games from Roy the Zebra


Roy the Zebra - The books


Audio stories

Stories for middle school and older students


Good Night Stories
Site for families, kids, parents and teachers - Write a story, read it, or hear it


A good selection of fun and entertaining digital online books. They read to you!!Award winning children's story books.
Tons of fun for everyone!


Greek Myths and Legends

The ancient Greeks had a strong storytelling tradition. The myths and legends of ancient Greece were shared orally, often in the form of epic poems.

These stories explain the creation of the world, the lives of gods and heroes and their interactions with humans.


Rockfords rock Opera

Fantastic modern free aduio online book. Wonderful graphics. A highly enjoyable experience


Learn to Read
Starfall: Interactive stories for emergent readers that assist with phonetic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary and spelling skills.


Books for young readers
Titles: I spy, A-Z, Dotties Garden, Sammy's Shapes, Old Macdonald and Even and Odd.


Digger and the gang
read with digger and his gang about english, maths and science.

Funbrain Reading


Funbrain JNR


It's fun to read 
Great fro the littlies: More interactive stories from that develop and extend reading skills for the emergent reader.


Houghton Mifflin1 Houghton Mifflin 2
Select your reading level and then select from a number of themes and resources to locate a good read.


Magic keys books
Books you can read online


Everything Possum Magic
Hear Mem Fox read the story and find out more about Grandma and Poss in the book Possum Magic.
Read interviews to find out the storieis behind the stories


Read and inteact with classic fairy tales from Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers


Grimms fairy tales
Listen and read along with these classic tales.


More tales

Classic tales


Animals Myths and legends

Join Oban in some reading adventures.


Buster Bear
Listen to Buster Bear's story. When you're done, play the game. Links to other stories. Buster is from Vancouver Canada


Absolutely Whootie
Stories to grow by. Choose a story that fits your interests.


Spider Stories And More
Read fun stories

Online Books For Little People
Illustrated stories for kids of all ages

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of about 14,000 “classic” public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.

Online book search
An index includes more than 30,000 English works in various format that are free
of copyright issues for schools and parents for home schooling use.

A whole library full of stories


Interact With Some Book Characters
Lots of cool games, stories, music and colouring to do


Authors On The Web 2
A list of your favourite authors' websites


Planet Oz Kids Legends
Play games and even save the world


Read stoies to complete the quiz from whootie
lots of reading, a realted a quiz and more