Water and Water Conservation

Melbourne's weekly water report. get current up to date information about the state of water in Melbourne

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Water Issues Find out about all the aspects of this topic from the EPA.


Water Kids Topics about water for kids by the EPA


Water Water Everywhere. All your watery questions answered.


Wetland games - (Australian)


Find out about the SE treatment plant in this interactive virtual tours

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Watery games

Water Wise games


Saving water and water conservation

Simple ways to Save water Kids games and activities

!00 ways to save water


Water conservation info and lost of links that take you to some good stuff

Use water wisely Games and activities. Try the water audit link at the bottom in your home.

Wizzys water school for kids

Why conserve water?

Activities and resourses for teachers and students

watercycleThe water cycle- what comes around goes around!

Water cycle

A guide for students


Water goes around and around Water cycle

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Play and learn about the water cycle

For more great infor on the water cycle chck out these activities from Air & Water Inc


Find out what is the urban water cycle

Find out some ways you can save water


Expand your mind about how you think about water

Mission H20. How to save water Prizes to be won

Water Information for P-2

Water Information for 3-6s


General info about water and its importance in our lives

water dudesWater. Learn It! Live It! Home

Water education site for kids by ACTEW

Water basics

Earth's water

Water dictionary

Melbourne's Rivers
Interactive water supply map of Melbourne


Wetands of Melbourne near PLPS VIDEOS
What are wetlands 
Birds of wetlands
Drainage story about wetlands
Edithvale wetlands
History of wetlands
Plants of wetlands


All about water in Australia/Melbourne
Our water storages get the lastest storage details

How our sewage system works


Related learning

Climate change for kids Explore this issue at a sight designed for kids so they can understand

Living with drought

Water Recycling


Stormwater and Drainage

Our rivers and creeks

Your ecological footprint

 water activity book recycled water activity book to print PDF