Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


sose2Why Recycle? Work through this TLF and learn more.

Super recycler game

Clean up the river and make it a nicer place free of rubbish.

See how things can be recycled. Watch these videos

Join BUSTA and discover how to recycle now! Lots of games and activities.

Learn about rubbish and how you can save these planet with these games. There is so much more on this web site to explore so read the menu on the left.

SCRIB - Recycle aluminuim cans. Games and interesting stugg for kids of all ages.

Plastic recycling info.

EEK - Cool stuff on nature and recycling. Check out the VideosHERO2

VERMI - the composting worm!

Find out how Olli can teach you how to practise the three Rs and make the world a better place and help us live sustainably.
Ollies saves the the Planet

EEK site all bout things that matter about recycling and saving our lanet

Recycling and beyond with EEK

See examples of interesting recycled products

Ollie's Movies from animals who are asking you to be more careful about your rubbish

Recycle City Games activities and facts on turning Dump town into a RRR town.

Energy Kids web site - find out how to wok the 3r with your energy use

Ollies world- Sustainable RRRs. Interactive Sustainability resources, games and activities.

Do the activities with the EPA in the environmental action club. Play games and learn how to live the RRR rule.

Are you waste wise around your school. test yourself in this school yard.

Just how is recycled material sorted? See this diagram

How much do you know about recycling? Take this quiz.

Waterworks adventure - find out how water is collected, treated and recycled.

Clean up Australia

Find out about Climate Change at this especially designed site for kids

Planet Ark Find out about recycling near you and what schools are doing via the newsletter

Try seraching about Earth Day or other related topics using Fuse