1:1 Program Information

Why a BYOD 1:1 Program


What are the benefits of a 1:1 program?

A device inspires hands-on learning and can be used to promote creativity in the classroom. This innovative tool has the capability to provide personalised learning and education in a number of different subject areas. The device allows students to gain access to a continually growing bank of educational content. The use of a device will allow our teachers to expand their programs to fit the needs of today’s students and to better equip them with the skills they’ll need in the modern world. Use of devices can also encourage students, boost confidence and provide a valuable feedback loop outside of a traditional classroom setting. Students will be able to better develop their 21st Century learning skills including opportunities for authentic collaboration and team work, innovation, creating and publishing in ways never possible before. 1:1 is about the learning and not the technology.

Why not BYOD or a computer levy?

Why not BYOD? If parents supplied students with a range of devices it would be difficult for the teacher to manage and plan lessons. Teachers would not be able to guarantee the learning platform that the students would be using and therefore many learning activities would not be possible. Operating platforms and programs would be different for a range of students. The school would not be able to adequately protect its network, as virus protection would become the parent/student responsibility. BYOD is complex to manage and not suited in primary school settings.


Why not a levy? A computer levy only services the infrastructure that the school currently has in place. With a levy there are insurance complications particularly with devices allocated to individual students for home use and therefore does not permit a proper 1:1 program. A levy does not facilitate sufficient devices for every student as not every parent pays the levy.


Why Windows devices and not iPads?

The Education Department recommends Windows 8 Edustar as the preferred operating system in schools. We have chosen this path as it is free with no ongoing cost to the parent.


Windows 8 Edustar comes with licensed Microsoft Windows 8 and Office and includes many other programs. In addition, Edustar can offer students a host of other applications owned by the school at no extra cost. This Windows 8 1:1 package is very attractive and versatile and will provide teachers with the best educational solution for students. The Windows device was chosen as it allows for flexibility and it can be used to type, store and print documents easily. The teachers and students are familiar with it and all teachers have an Edustar issued laptop.


All applications are ready on the device and most of them can work offline. If a family does not have wireless at home or are on holidays, most applications can still be used. The capacity is 128GB as opposed to 16 or 32 for an iPad. Students can store their files on their device and on the school network and not rely on third party cloud storage that may or may not meet DET standards. With iPads it would be necessary to ensure prior to each school day, that particular apps were downloaded ready for class use the next day. This would need to be done at home and would become difficult for teachers to manage if the app is not purchased and installed. With the PLPS Edustar image everything is always ready but still has scope and hard drive space for parents and students to install personal programs for home use and or individualised use at school.


Is the school ready for a 1:1 environment?

Our school has fiber optic backbones, high capacity servers and 2GB switches across the whole school. We have placed new WAPs in classrooms to support an increased number of mobile devices. Staff are undergoing coaching in the use of 1:1 and ICT. Our students are well prepared in the use of Edustar through our current ICT specialist program and classroom computer and lab use.


Will my child be using the device in all lessons throughout the day?

Devices will be used by students as, and when required in each subject area. It is not expected that the devices will be in use all the time, students will use them when needed to support their learning.


Can my child use the device at recess and lunchtime at school?

Students are not permitted to take their devices into the school yard at recess, lunchtime or before school for any reason.


What are the ‘rules’ for my child’s use of the device at school?

All students are required to sign and adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use of ICT Policy relating to the use of computers and the Internet at Patterson Lakes Primary School. Breaches of the agreement will be addressed on an individual basis.


How are students supported in cybersafety practices?

Cybersafety programs are taught at school on a regular basis and will be reinforced as part of the 1:1 program. Students will be taught how to handle technology in an appropriate manner. Clear expectations will be set for students with regard to device ethics and etiquette during lessons and consequences reinforced. Importantly, parents also need to be aware of their child’s activities online at home and how they are using the Internet. PLPS is an accredited eSmart school, which provides a guiding framework for schools to manage cybersafety and wellbeing.


Can my child access social media apps and sites at school?

The Department of Education and Patterson Lakes Primary School have filtering tools in place. Filtering tools restrict access to sites and apps that are not of educational value or that may be misused by students.


Who is responsible for Internet safety at home?

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure they have a protected network and good Internet protocols.


My child has downloaded apps that I do not think he/she should be using. What should I do?

Parents are responsible for how the device is used at home and what is downloaded. Parents are strongly encouraged to develop ‘household rules’ and to discuss the sites that their child has asked to use. If you feel anything inappropriate has been installed then it should be removed. If the school believes the device is dubious or deemed dangerous, then the device will be reimaged by the school.


I am concerned that my child is using their device inappropriately?

If you are unsure, openly discuss these concerns with your child. The use of devices in class will be actively monitored by teachers. Misuse of a device will be treated the same as any other distracting activity and normal classroom discipline rules will apply. If you are unsure please discuss with the classroom teacher.


Can my child put their own programs/songs/media on their device?

Yes, as long as the media has been obtained legally and from reputable sources and does not breach any copyright laws. Sufficient space must remain to ensure the educational needs of the device can still be met.


How do I backup my data on my device?

You can back up your device to an external hard drive, SSD card, another home computer or a cloud server of your choice. In the event of reimaging the school will copy and replace any student files. The school is not obliged to save any personal data or photos that are not part of school work. It would be best to make regular home backups. In the event of the device needing to be reimaged you can then replace any personal files.


Should I update the software on my device?

No there is no need to update anything. All Edustar programs, Windows 8 operating systems and virus software will be updated via the school systems.


How often should a device be charged?

It is expected that students will bring their device to school fully-charged each day. It is recommended that the devices are charged overnight prior to each school day.


What if my child’s device is not charged?

It may not always be possible to offer charging at school. However access to a few chargers will be possible depending on the number of students who require it. If the device was not charged overnight due to extenuating circumstances, it will be possible to bring the charger to school and run off power on ‘odd’ occasions. The charger must be clearly labeled.


How will students know which device belongs to them?

All PLPS 1:1 devices will be allocated to a specific student. A record of the serial number and the student’s name will be held by the school. Parents are encouraged to affix a label with their child’s name on the device. At school, once logged in, the screen will display the student’s name and if not in use, can only be unlocked by the student pass code. Students will be encouraged to lock their device when not in use.


Should my child be spending a lot of time completing homework on their device?

Homework and device activities will vary depending on the tasks set across each term. The device is a tool to support learning and should be used in an open and transparent manner. Ask your child to show you how they are using the device to support their learning. If the device is not required for a task, it is best that it is put away or shut down for that period of time.  


Will my child’s education be disadvantaged if I do not purchase a device?

If you choose not to buy a device for your child then they will have access to a school device for use at school only. This will include sharing an older and slower device with another student or students.


I believe I have an equivalent device at home?

Parents can supply their own device provided it meets the minimum specifications below and is deemed suitable by the school technician. As the device will not be part of the school 1:1 program it may not be able to get some of the school’s additional programs as some licensing agreements may not extend to parent supplied devices. 


What are the minimum specifications of the device?


It needs to be a small form "robust" netbook. Screen size approx.: 11cm


  • WINDOWS DEVICE IE Not an Apple laptop

  • I3 CPU

  • 4GB Ram

  • 802 IN wireless or above

  • * Bluetooth 4.0

  • * Ethernet port (RJ45) for imaging

  • * Battery Life - Up to 6.5 Hours or better

  • * Integrated 720p HD webcam

  • * Dolby Advanced Audio v2

  • * HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, RJ-45

  • * 4-in-1 card reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC)

  • 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or better

  • (1366x768), glare, 270 nits, IPS

  • Protective cover and carry case

  • Must be able to hold charge for the entire day (we will not support reliance on charging during school)

  • Warranty, repairs and insurance will be solely your own responsibility and carried out outside of school

  • Parents will have to make their own recovery bootable back up

  • Everything pre existing on it will be wiped to fit the school image

  • The school technician can only work on it after all school priorities are seen too.

  • Will not be ready for roll out in time with all the others as it is a one off set up, trouble with drivers etc.  It will require additional time.

  • Child ’s device will be different and may have some impact on how others view the child and the device.


What if I am in a situation where I am unable to purchase a device?

Each individual’s situation will be assessed on a needs basis at the principal’s discretion. Please contact the school to discuss further.


Is the program compulsory?

It is not compulsory, it is recommended. The 1:1 program is scheduled to commence for Years 3 and 4 at the beginning of the school year in 2016. The school encourages families to follow our professional recommendations and participate. The school has researched the pros and cons and the decisions made are deeply engrained in proven educational research. However, ultimately each family will make a decision based on their individual circumstances.


What if I decided not to buy into the program and then change my mind at a later date?

If you change your mind there is an option to buy in after the initial bulk purchase but this is option 2 (refer to page 5, Option 2, Managed Portal) via the portal and incurs additional costs. You can however commence in 2016 in preparation for 2017 year.


What do I do if the device breaks?

All normal hardware and operating issues are covered under warranty with an onsite replacement program. Any other damages considered ‘reasonable use’ are covered by the insurance cover you have chosen. Please refer to the portal for specific insurance and warranty coverage.


Is the device insured?

Insurance, accidental damage etc. are covered through the 1:1 program when purchased through the portal and therefore not required. Like any piece of technology, it is wise to include your child’s device as a nominated item on your house and contents insurance policy. Please check your home insurance cover to see what additional coverage you may have.


Does the device come with a warranty?

Yes. Please refer to the portal for specific insurance and warranty coverage.


See our 1:1 support page for warranty claim


Will my child’s device be safe at school?

Every endeavor will be made to ensure the security of these devices. Rules and protocols will be established. It is important that students learn to manage their own technology. Students will store their device in a locked classroom when they arrive at school and during school hours when not in use.


How can my child protect the device from accidental damage?

All devices should be kept in a protective case and used with due care. In addition, a compact tablet bag is very worthwhile to help students carry the devices to and from school. This can be purchased via the portal or you may choose to supply your own. Students are also instructed not to leave devices on the floor, near food or water or use it in a careless manner. Please read the insurance cover you select in the portal. Like all insurance policies, abuse and mistreatment is not covered by insurance. To make a claim, you will incur an excess or you may not be covered depending on the cause of the damage.  


What if the device requires technical support?

The school technician will provide support as they do on all school owned equipment. In the event of serious problems the device can be reimaged and returned to original settings. Devices not part of the PLPS 1:1 program can only be dealt with after all school priorities have been attended to.


Does the device come with an antivirus?

Yes. Windows Defender tat is updated regularly via the school network


Are there any additional costs?

No. There is no more to pay once the device is issued. You will be asked to supply your own multimedia headphones and USB. These items will be placed on the school book list.



What if my child leaves the school? What happens to the device?

Technically the school owns the operating system and apps installed via the imaging process.  Through this special 1:1 program you have exclusive use, just like it was your own. If your child leaves the school then the device needs to be restored to factory defaults. The school DET EduStar image must be removed.  The operating system and programs such as Edustar and Office are licenced for use only with DET school 1:1 programs.