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Program Policy - Digital Technologies Policy

For information about the program, what it contains and how the students will be using their device, ownership and responsibilities, warranty and insurance, software licensing and copyright, internet usage, cyber safety practices and technical support etc.  Please click on the following link to view the relevant policy Digital Technologies Policy.



General Information on how to use the PLPS EduStar SOE


From time to time we shall share links and information to help you support your child at home and answer any questions that may arise about using the PLPS eduSTAR SOE at school and at home.


Welcome and general introduction to using and working with your new 1:1 device at school and at home.


This is a Google slide tutorial with videos and information about how the device works at school and at home. It explains some of the differences between school and home. It explains the features of the PLPS eduSTAR SOE  and Windows 10 as well as where to save work. This presentation has been shown to the students at school. It is always a good idea to be able to see things again just so it can sink in a little more and the student can share and dicuss their learning with you, their parent. That is why it's here.