Curriculum Summary:

The Mathematics Curriculum at Patterson Lakes Primary School is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). In preparation for the National Curriculum in 2013, Patterson Lakes Primary School has implemented a hybrid curriculum named AUS/VELS in 2012 to assist with the transition.

The Mathematics Professional Learning Team is made up of teaching representatives across the school from Prep to Year 6. Regular meetings are scheduled and minuted. The goals, objectives and vision of the Mathematics team are informed by the School Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan and Mathematics Policy.

At Patterson Lakes Primary School, students have seven, fifty hour sessions of Mathematics each week.


Patterson Lakes Primary School:

  • Celebrates World Mathematics Day
  • Celebrates National Literacy and Numeracy Week
  • Celebrates the Mathlete of the Week Award each week
  • Offers a differentiated curriculum and personalised learning environment
  • Administers On Demand testing
  • Shares a collective responsibility for all students
  • Uses various sources of data to get a snapshot of individual students and cohorts
  • Allocates resources and teacher aids to support individual learning needs and to improve learning outcomes
  • Offers a Maths Extension Program for high achieving students
  • Administers the University of New South Wales ICAS Mathematics Competition to students
  • Uses Mathletics across the school from Prep to Year 6
  • Administers a  lunchtime Maths Club for students
  • Uses flexible and fluid student grouping
  • Presents professional development opportunities, including keynote speakers, to strengthen pedagogical knowledge
  • Hosts whole school incursion opportunities to enhance the learning environment
  • Utilises current research to inform teaching
  • Is committed to improving student learning outcomes
  • Encourages hands-on learning in authentic and meaningful contexts
  • Encourages students to self-regulate learning, including self and peer evaluation
  • Encourages parents to participate in their child’s learning at home and at school
  • Celebrates success, achievement and excellence.


Please visit the websites below (or click here to go directly into the Numeracy Virtual Classroom -,01/text/numeracy_links_b3ya.htm ) to learn more about the resources used at Patterson Lakes Primary School:



Mathematics Policy September 2013