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Creative CommonsLooking for any music, video, pictures and information thats trouble free on the web?Find the things on the web they want you to use Use this search engine to find COPYRIGHT FREE materials. All items returned are FREE and hassel free to use in your work.This should be what you use with Google and YouTube.

Copyright-free Images



Check out lots of styles  of music that you can download and use in your projects.

Please follow their rules


You can use Bensound's music available under the Creative Commons License (with the black download button) in your multimedia project (online videos, websites, animations, etc.) for free as long as you credit Examples of proper way to credit us: "Music: or "Music: « Song Title » from"


You cannot:
You cannot Claim our music as your own.
You cannot Register our music in any store/platform.
You cannot use our music for Audio Podcasts or AudioBooks.
You cannot make music, song or remix with our music.



Handy links


Easy timeline maker


Explore and play music


Word Search maker1 with Puzzle maker


Word Search maker 2 By ABC ya Play online or print out


Make a word find  with Puzzle Maker or try Armored Penguin make a wordsearch


Dance Mat Typing


Desert Island Materials

Kitchen Materials

Materials 1


Prep Materials











Show your work in a Graphic organiser


Victor and Victoria's Pet Town 


Numbers and Shapes


Dice Game


Letter Planet


Word World


Sound 1


Sound 2


Sound 3


Is it an amphibian 


Animal Search: is it a fish


Animal Search: Is it a mammal?


Let's Talk about Insects


Lots of interactive learning games for  Literacy and Maths and all kinds of topics


Help with LOTE SPANISH games to extend your skills


AWESOME site: SPLASH ABC World class education site featuring media libraries of hundreds of contempory ABC mateials and games, videos and much much more.



More Homework helpsers and places to find the stuff you need comming soon.... so

in the meantime check out  TOPMARKS


TEACHOLOGY is for teachers but if you want to take a class here are

some worksheets you can use.