Online Classroom - Writing

Poetry creators

Holiday poem


About Me auto bigraphy for boys


Rhyme generator

Type in a word to get words that rhyme. Great handy tool to create rhyming poems


Read Write think all kind of poem generators

Try the acrostic poem or a diamente poem and more with these easy tools.


Choose a word poem maker


Easy Bio Poem


Poem about me


Another all about me poem



All kinds of poerty maker

 Choose the type of the poem form list. Enter your own words and create a poem.



Story Writing


Gone Google story writer see an example of how it works 


Pinky story maker that reads it back to you 


Story Monster Capture nouns and verbs to build silly sentences and stories.



Use this story writing machine to craete your own stories of all kinds


Fill in a story

You get to choose how the story is made. Fill in the missing sections and then build the story


Decide a Story

Make choices to how the story progresses. You are in control of the outcome of the story


Exploding Text.

Click on the shaded areas of the text and see a simple sentence explode into a very interesting story. See how adjectives, additional details and clauses build interest in story writing.Have a go and then try this your self to make your own story writing more interesting.


Read Write Think
ReadWriteThink offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the K-12 classroom or try out the  Interactives

Zimmer Twins

Zimmer twins allows learners to create their own online stories or create an ending to one of the story starters. Students select settings, characters, character actions, emotions, and text styles then drag those elements into the storyboard.


Story Plant
Grow your own story


Word hunt
Read the story to find the words to complete the sentences. Suitable for younger readers.


Story Place
Themed stories with activities for young readers


BBC literacy activities for all school ages
Literacy link to access fantastic interactive activities listed under specific activities and parts of speech..


Skillswise BBC
help with all things to improve writing


Proof reading.
Correct real TV scripts


Scramble Re-arrange the magnets to create a poem


Squigly's Story Builder
Build your own personalised story about you and your friends


Make Wacky Web Tales
More personalised story building


Stuck for an idea to write about. Click here and get a topic to get your started. You need to scroll down a bit to find it, but it will be worth it!