Those activities marked with an @ are suitable for early spellers 


@ Look Cover Write Check Choose your year level, letter group and then the words to practice and test your spelling and typing using the onscreen keyboard.


@ Mrs B's Phonic foundations


Letter Sounds Pop


@ Sounds, letters and word skill builders. Lots to choose from. Extra help for young students in these activities.


Letters from ABCYA


Letter sound matching game and letter knowledge games to choose.


Letters and Sounds  for K and for prep/1 Letters and Sounds


@ Alphabet games


Help with sounds and easy words.


Building words


All kinds of word games


Spelling with the Spellits _ may not work!

Adventures where the rules of spelling help you learn and accomplish the tasks.


@ Spelling activities from Eduplace. Find activities that are grade appropriate. Choose your grade level, game and then go!


Little Explorers Picture dictionary. find out how to spell as well as what each word means


Here's a fun one Lexipedia Type in a word and visually see other words associated with it: Nouns, verbs adverbs even synonyms, anyonyms and Fuzzynyms!


Literacy games
These games are generally targeted at infant school teachers and parents of infant age children.


@ Spelling And Voacbulary
Choose from levels 1-8


OZ speller
Australian spelling tutor and games


Robo Bee
Your language skills blossom or wilt? It's up to you as you control the flight of the Robo-Bee through a garden of synonyms, antonyms, spelling, and usage puzzles!


Word Central for Kids
Challenging games that make spelling fun.


Oz Speller
OzSpeller is a Free Australian Online Spelling Tutor & Game
with powerful features:   * words are spoken by your computer; * large numbers of lists for each grade; * scoring & grading system are fun to use;
    * provides hints, definitions & sentences; * simple to use at home or at school; * sounds can be repeated, words skipped.


Spelling Games
Test your spelling skills with these fun games


Anagram Maker
Make anagrams of your favourite words with this anagram make


Word Server
The home of some of your favourite English sites


A Word A Day
Extend your vocabulary, and impress your friends with your knowledge of words!


Oxford Dictionary And More
I t's not just a dictionary, it's a great place for reference too


Word Central
Look up words in the Student Dictionary or build your own dictionary.
Even stump your friends with today's Daily Buzzword!


Guess The Word Or Fake Out
Challenge your knowledge of meanings for words


Learn to spell the fun way using BeeBot style coding to solve the spelling problems


Spelling Word Builder Quizzes
Lots of fun spelling games


Lots Of Spelling Activities To Select

Improve your spelling