1:1 BYOD Laptop specifications

If you are looking to buy/supply your own laptop for our PLPS BYOD 1:1 program it needs to meet the specifications below. Any laptop that does not have a hard drive big enough is not acceptable. Please ensure that you read the specifications below before you purchase an alternative laptop for your child. To check and compare with those offered via the portal see 



Any non portal device will be reimaged. This means that everything, the operating system, any apps and settings are totally removed and replaced with the licensed DET Windows 10 PLPS Edustar SOE. You will need to create a USB recovery of the opertaing system before bringing it to school for reimaging and joining to our domain. This USB will be required to restore your orginal operating system when it is no longer required or at the end of the BYOD program as the the license will run out when it is not connected to a government schoo and the laptop will crease to function. The school is not responsible for creating the recovery USB. 

Any suitable non portal devices can be used as part of the 1:1 program. However to be imaged and set up for use at school can take additional time. It will requires individual attention from a specialist technician. This may take several weeks. As this laptop may also be a one off amongst all the devices across the school, it may be difficult for the school to support any device and driver related issues. 

Please consider these issues and specifications when making an alteranative purcahse to those offered via the portal.

What are the minimum specifications of the device?


It needs to be a small form "robust" netbook. Screen size approx.: 11cm with hard drive of 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or better and a WINDOWS DEVICE (IE Not an Apple laptop)

Additional specifications

  • I3 CPU

  • 4GB Ram

  • 802 IN wireless or above

  • * Bluetooth 4.0

  • * Ethernet port (RJ45) for imaging preferred

  • * Battery Life - Up to 6.5 Hours or better

  • * Integrated 720p HD webcam

  • * Dolby Advanced Audio v2

  • * HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, RJ-45

  • * 4-in-1 card reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC)

  • 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or better

  • (1366x768), glare, 270 nits, IPS

  • WINDOWS DEVICE (IE Not an Apple laptop)

  • Protective cover and carry case

  • Must be able to hold charge for the entire day (we will not support reliance on charging during school)

  • Warranty, repairs and insurance will be solely your own responsibility and carried out outside of school

  • Parents will have to make their own recovery bootable back up

  • Everything pre existing on it will be wiped to fit the school image

  • The school technician can only work on it after all school priorities are seen too.

  • Will not be ready for roll out in time with all the others as it is a one off set up, trouble with drivers etc.  It will require additional time.

  • Child ’s device will be different and may have some impact on how others view the child and the device.