1:1 BYOD Laptop specifications

1:1 BYOD Laptop Specifications


If you are looking to buy/supply your own laptop for our PLPS BYOD 1:1 program it needs to meet the specifications below. Please ensure that you read the specifications below before you purchase an alternative laptop for your child. To check and compare with those offered via the portal see 


Any non-portal device will be reimaged. This means that the operating system, all data, apps and settings will be removed and replaced with the PLPS eduSTAR Windows 10 image. It is recommended to create a USB recovery of the operating system, and if necessary back up any data before providing the laptop to the school, however best effort will be made to restore all devices when leaving the school.

Any suitable non portal devices can be used as part of the 1:1 program, however setup is subject to the school technician’s availability so may take some time and will be subject to workload. This may take several weeks, as non-standard devices may encounter driver issues and other unforeseen problems.

Please consider these issues and specifications when making an alternative purchase to those offered via the portal.


What are the minimum specifications of the device?


The PLPS 1:1 BYOD Program is based on the DET eduSTAR image. As such it requires a Windows laptop or tablet. Apple or Android devices (e.g. iPads or Chromebooks) are not supported.


Please ensure the following when providing a device to the school for imaging:

  • Device is a Windows laptop or tablet that meets all requirements below
  • Current login details are provided (these will be used to verify device compatibility and to extract drivers before imaging)
  • Device is not running Windows 10 in S mode (see here for instructions on switching out of S mode)
  • Laptop is provided with a clearly labelled charger


  • 64-bit x86 processor (typically any modern Windows laptop with an Intel or AMD processor)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Wireless (802.11ac/n)
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery Life – 6.5 hours or better preferred (we will not support reliance on charging during school)
  • Webcam & Microphone, headphone port
  • Keyboard & touchpad required, external mouse and/or touchscreen optional
  • 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or better
  • 1366x768 resolution or better
  • Ethernet port (RJ45) for imaging preferred
  • Clearly labelled laptop, charger & carry case
  • Protective cover recommended


Also note:

  • A smaller, lighter device is recommended, with a screen size approx. 10-14 inches
  • Warranty, repairs and insurance will be solely your own responsibility and carried out outside of school
  • Parents should make their own recovery bootable back up
  • Everything pre-existing will be wiped to fit the school image
  • The school technician can only work on it after all school priorities are seen to
  • Device will not be ready for roll out in time with all the others as it is a unique device and will require additional time
  • Child’s device will be different and may have some impact on how others view the child and the device
  • There is no guarantee of a non-portal device being compatible with the DET eduSTAR image