Space: Earth, Sun, Moon & other planets

Australian perspective  # simulations to try and investigate

Keep up to date with Space News
This independent news site publishes the lastest news items from NASA and other soace agencies. See whats happening in the real world.

International Space Station
Find out whats happening on the space station, highlights of the week and more.

From theHubble Telescope.
Officle web site with live views of what the telescoe is looking at, a gallery and news threads. Tonights Sky are  monthly videos of what area of the sky the telescope has been gazing. These are mesmeriszing!

Got questions?
Check out Things Kids Need to Know about Space and see if your questions can be answered.

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Earth at night - a video by NASA

What does our planet look like from space?

Watch the video to find out.

 Man on the moon footprint

*How the Moon influences the Earth



Watch an animation of the Earth rotating in space showing day and night, the equinox where locations on Earth experience close to equal hours of daytime and night-time (12 hours) and views of the Earth from above the North and South Poles. Turn an animated model of the Earth to explore how rotation affects the view of objects ...


#*Earth Rotation Merry go round 

Watch an animation of the Earth rotating in space showing day and night, the equinox where locations on Earth experience close to equal hours of daytime and night-time (12 hours) and views of the Earth from above the North and South Poles. Explore how the rotation of the Earth affects the objects seen in the sky


#Our Moon through a telescope. Interactive task



#*The seasons

Control the motion of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun. Work out how the Earth's orbit and the tilt of its axis determine day length and seasons in the different hemispheres. Examine the heating effect of the Sun and investigate how the seasons at different locations on the Earth are different.


Earth Viewer

See the passage of the sun creating day and night as the earth revolves. Set the time and date to any day BC or AD! See the Earth illuminated by the Sun for any day of the year, and in daily and seasonal animations. The Earth can be viewed as it appears from space, or as a flat map. The images are generated from actual satellite photos of the daylit and nighttime Earth.


Moon Viewer
shows the phases of the Moon for any month or day in any year. Work out what the moon phase was on the day you were born!


Satellite view of the earth NOW!
From this web site data can be shown in a number of ways.See weather and water vapour and other options.


man on the moon

View the Moon from the Earth , Sun , night side , above named formations on the lunar surface. or as a map showing day and night .




Tonights's Sky



Wanted to know anything about the planet we live on check this one out . Self -paced easy lessons 
Or view more information contained in the lessons by exploring the links under each lesson in each of the Chapters's dot points.



Ultimate earth site and a great place to start

NASA Earth Fact sheet

NASA Earth satellite images

Earth Introduction and links to many pages regarding Earth forces and satellite images

Space Shuttles views of the Earth

Build a model of our milky way and place earth in a spiral and many more amazing activities about space

View of the earth from the cockpit of a space craft

What's under our feet Earth Forces. Forces at work changing our planet

  Earth Changes


*Science and Space; Earth related interactive learning by doing. Australian resource


Views of earth from satellites

Views of the moon and the earth together

Views of the moon



Planets, our Solar System Galaxies & more

Galaxy construction timeline: billions of years. For you in ten minutes. Make the Milky Way


* Our Solar System - video How big are things out there?



More links on space

Views of the stars and some exotic space objects


*Explore the solar system - 
 - see where the Earth and fit in our galaxy


ESA kids everything spacey for kids 6-12


NASA kids Club


Learn about all the planets


Look through a space telescope to learn about the planets and stars.


Understanding the Universe



Take a tour of our galaxy


Interact with a virtual galaxy. Click on a planet or object to discover more


Gaze up into the night sky. This web site allows you explores every aspect of the universe.


Space for kids

Learn about moons, planets, stars, comets, galaxies and all kinds of interesting space topics. As well as activities for children, there are also lesson plans and worksheets for teachers
Space and our Solar System. Its worth scrolling down to see all the other space topics from ABC Splash.


What is the Planet. QUIZ


Find out how much you weigh on other worlds



Basics about Mars


Explore Mars with all the latest info from NASA and the current Mars rover information


Was there ever life on Mars? Read this web site to find out


Mars facts. Check out the extra links on the right hand side of the web page for some more detailed extra information.


Mars for kids.... games, activities for pen and paper and information designed just for kids


gather all the fact about Mars from these web sites


Check out this Mars Web quest by Mrs B. Its fantastic and you will discover so much! Its just like the real thing. A real space mission with PLASMA.