Eureka I struck Gold!

Why is gold so precious!/media/29754/calculating-ratios-and-percentage-gold-price

Everything you ever wanted to ask and find out about the Australlia Gold Rsh of the 1850s and beyond.

Stories of real people who lived on the gold fields

Gold: So what was the Australian gold rush of the 1850s all about1!
Interactive activity

Video book!/digibook/2873696/the-colonisation-of-the-central-victorian-goldfields

A riot on the goldfields!/media/2428448/the-buckland-valley-riot Chinese on the gold fields!/media/2872315/gold-rush

Answers for your questions see here and find the topic

Miners and their gold IMAGE!/topic/495292/gold-rush

A typical house in Gold Rush Ballarat!/media/1386705/this-house-settling-in-ballarat             

The Eureka Stockade!/media/2153105/eureka-stockade!/media/29421/peter-lalor-s-bakery-hill-speech!/digibook/2227128/the-eureka-stockade the American Gold rush
Women in the Claifornain Gold rush

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