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School Activities

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Patterson Lakes Primary School has a reputation for delivering a high quality education in the Key Learning Areas of the Victorian primary school curriculum. Our curriculum is broad, relevant and dynamic. Children are actively involved in their learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, positive attitudes and values.We engage children in realistic and engaging actvities with normal calssroom routines and through a range of support programs.

The school places a strong emphasis on the use of computers in teaching and learning. All classrooms contain computer pods with access to a range of information and communication technologies. Many classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards. Our Aim is for everyclassroom to have one installed by 2010. The school also has a well-designed Information and Communication Technologies Centre comprising 30 fully networked multimedia computers.


In addition we have a locally broadcast FM Radio Statation managed by our older students under the supervision of one our senior level teachers. Check the school newsletter and PLPS Twitter for broadcasts dates and times


The school is proud of its staff for the commitment, effectiveness and professionalism with which they undertake their roles and responsibilities, and the care and concern they show for our students and families. Staff work together to provide a well managed, safe learning environment that caters to the learning needs of all students. They focus on developing in your children the life skills of confidence, persistence, organisation, resilience and the capacity to get along with others. Through our Student Leadership, Student Representative Council, Enrichment for All program and House Competition programs, we provide opportunities for the development of teamwork, respect, responsibility and active citizenship.

If you have any enrolment enquiries, you can contact us.

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You can do it.


Through this program, students will receive explicit teaching in how to build persistence, organisation, confidence, resilience and the ability to get along with others. Our school is a You Can Do It School.
Embedded in our school are the YOU Can Do It beliefs and attitudes of:

  • - Confidence
  • - Persistence
  • - Organisation, and
  • - Getting Along
  • - Resilience For more information Visit the YCDI site

Enrichment For All. (E.F.A.)


Enrichment for All is a Year 3-6 program designed to develop each child’s social, academic and physical needs over a period of 4 years. The program provides a range of challenging modules that encourage students to develop a stronger sense of belonging to their school, a stronger rapport and connectedness with staff, and a broader range of friendship groups. Modules include activities such as robotics, solar powered boats, canoeing, golf, chess, fishing, ceramics, gardening, instrumentation, Magic Happens, self defence, science, food technology, dance, singing, bowls, circuit, aerobics and bike education.



We have a very dynamic Chess Club. It operates as one of our EFA units and as a lunch time activity. Thanks to a parent this activity has been enjoyed by many children from prep to grade six. The students regulary participate in school based, local and state school chess competitions. Our ' King Club' students are currently regional champions. Chess is open to all students from Prep to Year 6.


Support Programs
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The school offers programs to support students with specific learning needs includingReading Recovery, a Year 3 - 6 Enrichment for All program, a Prep and Year 4 Buddy Program, a successful Integration program and a Special Needs program.Supporting programs, which complement the Key LearningAreas include a networked Learning Technologies Program, Life Education, Swimming (Prep, 1 & 2), Inter-SchoolSport (5 & 6), Concert (Prep to 4),Year 5 & 6 School Production, Perceptual Motor Program (Prep), Camping Program (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6), Chess Tournament, Bike Educationand Police in Schools. A range of excursions, incursions, visitors and speakers, and involvement in a range of events such as Robotics, Solar Powered Boats and Tournament of Minds to further enhance learning experiences for students


Radio Station

FM 107.4 Patto FM School of Rock

Patterson Lakes Primary School has accepted the challenge of improving literacy levels for Year 5 and 6 students, especially boys, by establishing an FM Radio station.

The establishment of a radio station provides and authentic vehicle for stimulating, challenging and improving students' speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will be involved in researching, editing, scripting, interviewing and presenting. They will use an interactive medium that successfully connects students to school.

The station will provide information about the school and local community, sports, reports, special events, interviews, music, school activities and student achievements. Check the school newsletter and PLPS Twitter for broadcasts dates and times.Listen to our guests podcasts


Student Leadership

Student Leadership provides students from Prep to Year 6 with skills, processes and opportunities to develop leadership. Students can be involved in a variety of leadership roles including Student Representative Council, House Captains, the Year 3 – 6 Enrichment for All program, a range of roles of responsibilities in year levels and across grades, various committees and school and class monitors

The House System has 4 teams – Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. There are regular House activities, competitions and awards including House Points, Thursday Entertainment and House Sports. The House System fosters team spirit, a sense of belonging, self-confidence, self-esteem, responsibility, teamwork, cooperative behaviours, social friendships and citizenship.


ICT - Computer program


We are proud of our ICT specailist. All students experience and build skills and knowledge once a week in a computer lab setting where each child works on their own computer. Children have the oppurtunity to develop wide and varied projects ranging from digital storytelling to producing multimedia projects using their own created images, text and music. The ICT program has a strong Literacy and Numeracy focus linking information literacy to life skills with the added bit of fun where children can feel success and become empowered to create and produce their own work using computers.



The school has recently embarked on a water saving intiative. With grants and education of water conservation embedded in the curriculum we have been able to reduce our water consumption by 60%. THis was done through Water - Learn it! Live it! and the SWEP and the Hydroshare Project. We now have a school vegie garden and investigate our local area's waterways through a varirty of projects. Our latest was an investigation intobiodiversity.

The school also has been involved in the River Health Youth Forum, tree planting and other activities.


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