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My Place . Living our historyfabulous resource with re-inactions of life as it was at different times throughout our history


Australia day! Why do we celebrate the 26th January every year?



Convicts 1788 - 1868

Search the first fleet data base


Everything about Australian Convicts
This website was launched on June 30, 1998, it provides varying depths of information, while at the same time, endeavouring to make the visit to the site as enjoyable as possible.Their goal has always been to provide an overview of the settlement of Australia during its formative convict years while providing information on a wide range of themes. To further that aim, they have provided a wealth of on-line databases and have linked to many more elsewhere.

Convict Count on the Game 
1st Fleet and early immigrants information


First fleet Quiz


Time line of Australian Convict settlement


Convicts ships


Australian Expansion Aussie Exploration Go to explorers


Australian Settlement Quiz


Australian History timeline. Terrific resource. Videos, images and summaries of the entire history of Australia. Before time to recent times.


Key points in Australia's History Interactive. In this activity you get the chance to be a decision-maker in some of the most significant events in Australian history

Gold Rush go to Gold Rush page for more online resources


Interactive data on Australia's growing population.
Immigration in Victoria a timeline
Immigration in Australia Phases/waves Timeline
Summary of Australian Immigration 
Passenger arrives since 1887 to Australia. Search this massive data base.
National Archives Immigration. Search thousands of images and records
Family journeys - case studies
Destination Australia - lots of info 
Record Search for names of people who immigrated to Australia. Find out their nationality.
ABC Splash Consensus. Work with real census data to learn about Australia's demographics
Data sets from ABS on population and Immigration



NED KELLY and other Australian Bushrangers



Australian bushrangers Find out about 46 other famous bushrangers including Captain Moonlight, Harry POwer, Captain Midnight, The Wild Scotchman and many more

Other Australain Bushrangers

 Find out about the lives of people living around ballarat and district from the time of the gold rush and after   
Aussie prime Ministers