Project Helpers -Electricity

Electricty can be generated by more than one method. This web site covers them all. You wil discover

  • the names of the energy resources in these pages
  • how each one works
  • the advantages & disadvantages of each
  • which ones are renewable
  • Each page has a summary and a quiz for you to try.
  • But I hope you'll learn a lot more than just that!

Energy Kids Page - Energy information of all kinds

Atom11Get a Buzzzzz out of these sites too!

Electric Curcuits - a great site designed for kids 7-11 to teach them about electricty. how its used in everyday appliances and circuits

Static electicity - more than just rubbing a balloon against your jumper! For instance find out how to make dancing bunnies with static electicity.

Blobz guide to electic circuits - practise real life simulations with electrity and never get zapped! Safe site to PLAY with electicity.

Power Up - Come and find out more about wizard Celldric and his naughty cat Eddison for 7-11 year olds or find out about Dave, his life saving lives on the danger of death sign. Meet his girlfriend Julie (guess what her job is), and have a look around his house. Find out what happens when Dave and Julie go Mountain biking and find the cause of a power failure. Will Dave miss his footie game?


Updated 28/08/12