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Just for the curious... what is a plant? watch this



Virtual zoos

National Zoo Washington DC USACOCKY

Melbourne's 3 Zoos

 Australia Zoo QLD Australia

Kids Zoo Fort Wayne USA 

San Deigo Zoo


VIRTUAL FARMs and farm animals

Poultry farming

Contrrol weeds down on the farm game

Why do cows make milk?



Learn how to classifying animals and a whole lot more.

A variety of activities to help you understand what mammals, birds, reptiles etc.  really are.


Plant or animal?

What animals is this?

Animal idol classification game

 Grouping animals    birds    apes     subjects/    coloring/list    Animalbabies


 Animals oF all kinds - Fact sheets, photos and more

 Photos of animals 

Seachable database

 Animal facts

Interesting animals for kids 

San Deigo Zoo




Aussie animal web sites.
Clear information in table form under headings such as Habitat, Diet, Distribution etc...
Links to Melborne Zoo, Healsville Sanctury and Werribee Zoo 
Tassie devil
Print outs for your projects
pictures of some Aussie animals

Recommended Animal sites: Feathers Furs or Fins.....





Fact sheets on a range of marine and land animals. Dolphins 10 amazing facts