This page contains a long list of useful links relating to the topic food. Videos, Assorted food sites and food chains stores, Links sorted as per food groups, Info relating to the Food Pryamid, Games ( although many of these previous sites also contain games) and tell me more about has some answers to commonly asked questions relating to food.

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Eating right- the food pryamid movie

The food pyramid & Meat

Food Pryamid & Vegetables

Food pyramid & Friut

Food pyramid & Cereals

Food pyramid & Dairy

Healthy soup inspired fom "stone soup'

Simple steps to a healthy life

Nutrition for health

Nutrition labelson food

How to read food labels

Making healthy choices using food labels

Nutrition Labels summary

Making assorted chocolates

Fibre for Kids


Fresh food kids

Kids World Nurition

Dr P Body

Weet Bix

Diet Riot
Information about ingredient lists and nutritional counts of many fast food brands.

Smart Mouth
Recipes and information about snack foods.

Food Processing
Information about why some foods should be kept in the refridgerator..

Have A Bite Cafe
Create your own nutritional fast food menu online..

The Best and Worst Food For Kids
This site lists the 10 worst and 10 best foods for kids.

Food-Related Inventors and Inventions
Learn about some food-related inventors and their inventions.

The Real Truth About Fast Food
Site created by students that presents information about fast food.

Nutrition Information - Fast Food
Junior Thinkquest entry which provides data relating to various fast foods.

Burger King
Find out nutritional information about these food products.


Homepage of this fast food chain. Includes nutritional information about products.

Pizza Hut
Homepage of this fast food chain. Includes nutritional information about products.

McDonalds Australia
Nutritional information about McDonalds products.

Peanut Butter Lovers
Find out how peanuts are grown and made into peanut butter.

Understanding Food Labels
In order to plan a healthy diet, we must know how to read a food label..

Food: How Safe? How Altered?
Multimedia presentation showing how food travels from the field to your table.

About the Food You Eat
Complete this quiz and test your knowledge of the food we eat.

Fruit and vegetables


Bega Cheese
FAQs and virtual tour of the Bega Cheese factory.

Dairy Australia
Information about how dairy products are made and the history of the dairy industry in Australia.



Grains, Bread and Cereals

Wheat - From The Field To You
Get ready to find out how wheat gets from the farm to you using this presentation or you can take a linkto cow, chicken and aquaculture too.


Exploring Chocolate

Learn about where chocolate comes from and how it is processed.

Healthy Eating


The Healthy Food Pyramid
Nutrition Cafe
calcium calculator

5 Food groups

Interactive food pyramid

Food Games

A balanced plate

Healthy Eating

Painting the food groups

Tell me about.........

food poisoning & Botulism & Eating for sports & figuring out food lables & A kids guide to eating right & Nut and preanut allegy & snack attacks
& why drinking water is the way to go

What is your ideal healthy eating plan?


All links investigated and found suitable and engaging for young students to help them learn about food by Mrs. B for all to enjoy.