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Click on the cat to see Santa's reindeer. via the live webcam. Check on how they are going before their big world trip that takes Santa all around the world delivering presents. 




The Ultimate Christmas Activity Site
SANTA CLAUS AT CLAUS.COM SANTA CLAUS WELCOMES YOU TO CLAUS.COM. Santa Claus is really excited you've come to visit, and he has the North Pole village full of fun things to do for both kids and parents, including lots of new things this year



The North pole.com play elf games.


Everything you wanted to know about Christmas




 More game links at the bottom of this page too


Funschool Christmas games and activities


Christmas Games  at Billy Bear scroll down a bit to find the cool games.


More Christmas games from a kidsheart.com



Xmas fun and games check out the links on the left too for some more christmassy things to do.


Looking for games you can play at Chritmas time with your family?  Check these out



The twelve days of Christmas : the playground
Christmas games.

Make a snowman


Christmas Clipart
Free Christmas Clip Art, free Christmas animated gifs including santa, reindeer, snowmen, decorations, elves and Christmas trees. Use them to make your ctards and decorate your work.
Santa's Net
Santa's net with Christmas traditions, songs and recipes.


Christmas crafts for kids from Enchanted Learning
Winter, Christmas, and Hanukkah Crafts for preschool and primary students. Great Classroom Christmas craft ideas, including hand puppets, Angels, trees, gift boxes and cards.



Santa's net : Christmas traditions around the world 

Christmas traditions around the world.


FYI Christmas celebrations and traditions ....Did you know that....

La befana January 6 Italy

Sinterclaus December 5 Netherlands

Santa Lucia December 13 Sweden

Christmas December 25 All over the world

YULE Iceland and Chrsitams Jólasveinar



MORE Christmas activities: 

Santa Claus's village - with lots of Christmas activities.


Christmas songs - 3 Christmas songs, click on a title and join in.


Christmas Maths for 5 &6s yr olds


Games from Topmarks education


Have a Merry Chrismas play these unusual games


Cool maths Christmas games