Project Helpers - Human Body

Digestive system


SKELETO1Get body Smart -

Atlas of the human body - just like a world atlas but of the body!

find out about the major systems and how they work and waht their main role is.

Tutorials that talk to you on how your major body systems function. A few games too.

Inner Body

Interactive animations about different systems

Human Body

Simple fun activity to get you started about the parts of the body



How the Body works

This is an animated, interactive atlas of child anatomy and physiology. Understand how organs normally work, and how they are affected by illness.


BodyQuest For students ages 11-16
BodyQuest is an exploration of the human body - anatomy and body systems for students.

Interactive Human Body 
Explore virtual representations of each part of the body including muscles, organs and nervous system. Also psychological aspects and online challenges

The visible human- slice by slice not for the faint hearted! Be careful.




Lots of digestive activities to digest and enjoy Video Click the read to me button Games and activities