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  1. Norse Myths - learn about the gods that represented the Earth, Sea, Sun, Winds, and more for the Norse people

  2. Greek vs. Norse Mythology - shows the similarities and differences between the Greek and Norse gods and goddesses.

  3. Encyclopedia Mythica: Loki - read an article on this major god in Norse mythology.

  4. Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology - learn about the principal gods and myths of the Scandinavian people (from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland).

  5. Fact File: Viking Gods and Goddesses - glossary of some of the most common Norse gods and goddesses honored by the Vikings.

  6. Gods and Goddesses of the Norse Religion - take a look at some cool art and learn about Heimdall, Tyr, Odin, and more.

  7. Hlidskjalf: Gods - read about the lives of some of their important gods.

  8. List of Norse Mythological Figures - come meet Idun, Thor, Skadi, and more. 

  9. Loki Laufeyjarson - get the story of this god who's often thought of as the most negative of the Norse gods.

  10. Myths from Around the World: Norse Lands - get an example of Norse legend from

  11. heimdall


    rse Gods and Goddesses Crossword - see if you know all the names of the Norse deities and give this crossword a try.

  12. . Norse Pantheon - find out who is the god of justice, who controls the weather, and who is the goddess of love on this ThinkQuest site.

  13. Viking Gods - learn about Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freyja.

  14. Viking Religion - info on Viking gods and other supernatural beings, as well as how the coming of Christianity affected the religion.


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Greek Myths and Legends Sites

Encyclopedia Mythica - wide variety of mythology information from around the world. Includes history, definitions, and stories.

  1. Pegasus' Paradise - ThinkQuest Junior Site about Greek mythological gods, heroes and heroines, villains, and animals. Site includes audio clips to help you to say the names correctly.

  2. Elysium - interact with Greek mythology at this ThinkQuest site. Meet the characters, read the myths, see the art, and get hooked!

ancient greeceGreek Culture - read outlines of facts about daily life in ancient greece and learn about its art, religion, scientific thought, literature, and philosophy.

  1. Greek Mythology - basic, clear introduction to Greek Mythology. Includes information about the Gods and heroes, creatures, and main stories.

  2. Greek Mythology Galore - read about Greek mythology's gods, goddesses, myths, and mortals.

  3. Greek Mythology Link - comprehensive guide including a catalogue of images, details of Greece, characters of mythology, and more. Also in Spanish.

  4. Greek Mythology Tables - list of divine and mortal mythological unions plus Greek and Roman names for gods and goddesses.

  5. Greek Mythology Today - let Mythman introduce you to all the gods, goddesses, heroes, and beasts.

  6. Greek Mythology: A Look Back in Time - ThinkQuest site covering gods and titans, legendary voyages, lost cities, and everything else you could want to know about Greek myths.

  7. Greek Mythology: Gods, Titans and More - this ThinkQuest site will tell you all about gods and goddesses, titans, creatures, celestial bodies, and more.

  8. Greek Site, The - get information on the god, goddess, mortal, or creature of your choice with this site designed by 5th graders for other students!

  9. Greek vs. Norse Mythology - shows the similarities and differences between the Greek and Norse gods and goddesses.

  10. Hercules (3)

  11. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology - listings and pictures for many of the well-known characters, objects, and places in Greek mythology.

  12. Medusa (3)

  13. Mythweb - devoted to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek Mythology. Detailed info about Hercules, Jason, and Odysseus, as well as an encyclopedia of mythology.

  14. Pegasus (3)

  15. Villains - includes info on villains from Greek myth, including Medusa, Hades, Ares, and Cyclops.