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media clip image002Feature "War of the Worlds", a good piece of radio story telling

Listen to the braodcast that changed how we listen to radio:

Read news accounts of what happend on the day


media clip image002 0000

Find out about the whole story chapter by exciting chapter

SItes about War of the Worlds

TV Film Radio Internet Newspapers For teachers

Don't Buy It | PBS Kids
Fabulous online interactive activities based around consumer products and the media. Make your own Cereal box, find out how much a pair of sport shoes cost to make, and much more...The Don't Buy It Web site encourages young people, especially those 9-11 years old, to think critically about media - television, radio, magazines, the Web, advertising, and more

Digital TV: A Cringley Crash Course
A PBS site that explains the evolution of television bringing us to the new digital TV. Technology, History, Media studies.

The Encyclopedia of Television
The history of Television, sometimes derided as "Chewing Gum for the eyes". An American based encyclopedia with detailed entries on most Television shows, including some Australian ones.

Color and color television
Provides information on colour and how colour television screens work.

ABC Online
Home page for the ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, including news updates, radio and TV programs, transcripts of broadcasts and background information about news and current affairs

SBS Television home page
SBS Australian Television, specialising in alternative and multicultural content. The Commercials are in english.

Milestones in the evolution of Technology
Articles on the history of radio and television communications. Includes: History Timeline, Radio: The Roots of Broadcasting, The Revolution of Television, The History of Digital Television, Tape Recording Technology, The Magic of Magnetic Tape, John T. Mullin: The Man Who Put Bing Crosby On Tape, The Role of Film in Television, Advanced Technologies for Broadcasting, Biographical Dictionary, Life at Sunbury ("It's Life Jim, but not as we know it").

The Simpsons home page
This is the home page for the best cartoon in the world - The Simpsons. Doh

TV Film Radio Internet Newspapers For teachers

Australia Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) : education events
ACMI's educational events include forums, lectures, workshops and screenings for both teachers and students across primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Film Monthly
"Reviews, commentary, and regurgitations on film, video, television, and popular culture." Comprehensive site with well written film and TV reviews.

Nitpickers pick up faults in movies and post them on this site. Mistakes like a boom microphone in the shot. Good fun to search.

Fox movies homepage

The home of Monsters In, finding Nemoc and other innovative digital animation.

ScreenSound Australia

The National Film and Sound Archive is home to Australia's largest collection of recorded sound and moving images with over two million items, including television and sound recordings, thousands of newsreels, a huge variety of scripts, posters and film stills, and a remarkable onehundred years of Australian films. The aim of the Archive is to make this heritage material accessible for all to enjoy and appreciate. 


TV Film Radio Internet Newspapers For teachers

75 Years of Radio - The Future of Radio
2BL Celebrates 75 Years of Radio
the history and growth of Australian radio

History of the Internet.
This site is only short in content, but contains valuable information relating to the history of the internet.

The Sun-Herald Class Scoop
The Sun-Herald Class Scoop program is an education resource combining The Sun-Herald newspaper and the internet. Exercises on this website change weekly and are designed to test the comprehension and information retrieval skills of school students, while developing their interest in current affairs

The Australian
The Australian, Australia's national daily newspaper

The Age 150 years : timeline
Historical timeline of Australian history from 1854 with images of historical reports and photographs from the Age newspaper.

The Herald Sun Newspaper
Herald Sun Newspaper home page.

Newspaper History
A history of newspapers, covering 500 years.
Newspaper and Periodicals database, enabling the user to search for a specific event, date, author etc.

TV Film Radio Internet Newspapers For teachers