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Hour of CODE  challenges and coding sites 

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  1. CODEMOJI:  Great site to learn and play HTML, CSS and JS coding languages. Beginner to advanced. Use your student account or create your own. You MUST use the CHROME browser. It does not work in EDGE.
  2. LightBot Jr Although it seems simple, Light-Bot foreshadows some interesting aspects of more sophisticated computer programming. Difficulty level Medium
  3. Kodable. Beginner easy platform coding practise.
  4. Disney Code challenge. Use Scratch like coding to solve the problems faced by Moana, just like in the movie. Difficulty level Easy to Medium
  5. Minecratft coder Program animals and other Minecraft creatures in your own version of Minecraft. Difficulty levelEasy to Medium
  6. Watch the video before you Programming Robozzle.  Then choose one to solve. Difficulty level Hard.
  7. Code by Maths do the first example and run. If you like this coding language scroll down and select Lessons Page. Difficultly level Medium to Hard.
  8. Pencil code Entry level coding. Easy to Medium
  9. Google CS Use CS coding language to create games, draw and other thinks. Explore the free activities. Easy to Medium
  10. When you've learned to code try the Sandbox. This will allow you to apply what you have learned. Difficulty level here is VERY Hard.
  11. Drawing in code: Java Script with Kan Academy Difficulty level: High
  12. Crack the number code Beginner Very Easy
  13. Write your first code. Simple introduction into coding with  Code. org Difficulty level: Easy
  14. Mrs. B recommends TURTLE ACADEMY. More than just fd 60... real text based coding. Do the course or just play around. All levels. Draw your own pictures from basic to more complex with code.
  15. Tynker: Choose the coding game and level that suits you eg Unicorn or Arcade shooter. Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
  16. Assoterted challnges from Choose what you'd like to explore n
  17. New hour of code from Code.Org Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
  18. Code Combat. Learn to code as you play. Choose the type of code you wish to learn. Difficulty level: Hard
  19. Zombies Course 3 Difficulty Level Medium ( Tip: At the end of each section right mouse click to get to the next section.)
  20. Erase all Kittens Medium. HTML coding Must use the Chrome browser
  21. Artist Difficulty level: Medium
  22. Unit the robot Difficulty level: Easy
  23. Python Gaming language. Skip the sign up and go straight in to experiment and program. Difficulty level: High
  24. Design an App. Set your sprite and then program. Difficulty level" Hard
  25. Code the elves. Easy
  26. Hour of code Official site
  27. More advanced coding in HTML and others

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