Where in the world?sose1
Choose a map, then answer questions to wend your way across the world.

Geo Bee and Geospy and Map Challenges and World Quiz
How well do you know your world geography?

Map machine
Satellite, street maps and more in national Geographics online atlas



Find out how you can look after the earth through the 3 Rs for specific topics see Project Helpers and Where in the world am 1?

Money Stuff
The Money Stuff website contains information about consumer protection issues

Bank Notes of the World
Go to nay country listed and see waht the money is Click on the IMAGE side to see real notes and coins.

MrsbstampMoney Opolis
Monopoly game about MONEY

Kids bank
C'mon in and learn all about banking at™! Have some fun in this learning website.

Dollars and Sense and Understanding Money

for specific topics see Project Helpers




History for kids

Play games to learn about the past

Eyewitness to History

Discover some intersting histoy from around the world


Anzac day

War and Identity
Activities coded for early primary Middle and secondary.

for specific topics see Project Helper


Brain Pop sose3
Learn cool stuff by watching movies

Encarta Online
This fun encyclopedia also has an online version

An online encyclopedia

Enchanted Learning
A great site to learn about some lots of topics with print out activities to do

Festivals And Different Countries Traditions
Learn about the cultural traditions of different nations

Fun Activities about Easter

Brain Food
Some food for your brain

Melbourne Zoo
The Web-Site for The Melbourne Zoo

Gould League
A really fun site about Australian animals

Facts About Australia
All sorts of fun facts about our country

NASA For Kids
Learn all about NASA and their space missions

for more topics see Project Helpers