Google Classroom Help

1. Signing into a School Account and navigating to Classroom
2. Understanding and working in Classroom   
3. Using Google Classroom
♦4. Extras using Google Classroom, Drive and more.

1. How to access a school Google account and  navigate to Classroom..
How to help notes with screen examples

Your child's user name and password is unique to them and case sensitive. The user name and password cannot be shared with anyone else. It will look something like this. EXAMPLE ONLY

User name (email address):   
Password: OrangeBat9


Step 1 To start go to and choose the sign in on the right with the credentials above. You will need to sign out of any other google accounts before signing in. If you will be using multiple accounts please add this one as a new account.
Step 2 
Sign in with the email address
Step 3 
Click Next, 
Enter Password. (Note it is case sensitive so please type it in very carefully. If you make 3 mistakes in a row it will lock you out.  You can choose for the computer to save the password. Recommended)
Step 4 
Go to Apps and choose CLASSROOM
Step 5 The classrooms your child is in will appear here. If not ask your teacher ofr the code to + join or ask them to add yoyur child.Once in Classroom you will see messages, links, videos and work to help your child continue their learning. Check back daily to see the latest lessons and messages. Your child may have more than one classroom in which to participate. Navigate as you would for normal web browsing. To discover the updated activities check the classroom daily. Click on the activities in the stream to reveal more instructions and links.  

2. Understanding  and using Classroom

 Google classroom Explained. By Mrs B

Parents guide to Google Classroom

3. Using Google Classroom

Video Using Google Classroom

Class comments are turned off in most classrooms. As the classroom is 24/7 and therefore not aways monitored, this prevents any unwanted comments by students. For student feedback teachers will use questions, quizzes and assigments as well as other links to collaborative sites and activities the teacher monitors.

Video Google classroom basics

4. Extras: Drive, Docs and more

Video By Mrs B How to turn your letter bubble into your own avatar

Video by Mrs B Managing your Google Drive

Video By Mrs B Google Docs basics. The same processes applies to slides, sheets etc.

Video by Mrs B Collaboraing on Document with another student or a teachers

Collaborating with a partner or small group by Mrs B.