Student Well Being

Student Well Being Report  (Danny Wilkins, Amber Killen & Katrina Bound)                        

  • Kids Matter – was launched to students throughout the school during Education Week. An Action Team meeting will take place once report writing season is complete. Elise DeLany attended a Kids Matter training session in the city last week.
  • Wellbeing Staff Meeting - was recently held covering a variety of topics ranging from school policy, the AIP, restorative practices, circle time, classroom and yard management plans, classroom reward systems and consequences, the process to follow when dealing with wellbeing issues, SSSOs – counselling, speech therapy and On Psych, Anxiety Group etc.
  • Classroom and Yard Management Plans - a number of individualised management plans have been developed in collaboration with classroom teachers, families and students in an effort to address the specific management needs of certain children. These plans have been used when working with these children.
  • RISC Student Tracking Database - unfortunately the school is unable to implement the RISC program because the program no longer exists. The school is currently considering its alternatives
  • Bucket Fillers and Class Dojo - many classroom teachers are trialling Bucket Fillers and Class Dojo as reward systems for their classroom. They were discussed as options teachers can utilise to support their classroom management program and environment
  • Friendship Tree –Paul has organised for seating to be constructed around the tree’s base but planned mosaics and decorations will not be completed until 2015 due to budget issues.
  • PLPS Student Playground Recommendations - a consensus amongst the Wellbeing PLT is to develop a number of projects around the school that will improve the yard. Ideas include: Installing another playground for the 5/6 students, allowing use of the seating area outside the Year 6 classrooms where students can play quietly, read, draw etc. The team believe there is a need to install another rebound wall for children to play on. Suggestions to improve signage, re-mark the lines around the school for playing four square, bat tennis, basketball, wall ball etc. is strongly recommended. The team would also like to see a running track established around the perimeter of the oval along with some fitness equipment for doing chin ups, sit ups, seated row etc. like the fitness area at Bicentennial Park in Chelsea.
  • The Act of Kindness - will be operating at PLPS for a third consecutive year. Natural Mind Concepts have kindly sponsored the program for another year and we thank them for their ongoing support. In Jason’s absence Amber has generously offered to fulfil all Act of Kindness commitments.
  • Wellbeing Network - the school has strengthened its position through being an active part of Kids Matter. Kids Matter has an extensive network of resources that inform and educate professionals on the latest services that are available to Australian families. The school has referred several families to Family Life, Shine, Kids Helpline, Parent Helpline etc.
  • Department of Human Services - the school receives calls and visits from DHS about a small number of children and families and any required follow up is handled immediately. 
  • Anxiety Management- selected or nominated students from Years Prep to 6 commenced sessions with Neville Cornelius [Department psychologist] on Friday 13th of June.  Neville has developed the sessions based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  An outline of CBT can be obtained from Danny Wilkins.
  • Gymnastics Group- a small group of Year 6 students have been conducting gymnastic sessions for students from Year 1 to 4 at lunchtime.
  • Restorative Chats – have continued with a number of students.  Also some students have completed Values Refection sheets and completed any necessary follow up.
  • Parent Contact- a number of parent meetings/ phone calls have been conducted regarding classroom and playground issues these have all been productive in the management of students.
  • Social Club- under the leadership of Amber Ryan students meet four days a week at lunchtime.  These sessions offer students a positive activity and strategies to assist them experiencing pleasant times at school.
  • Positive Points-  on going lunchtime meetings have been conducted with some senior students working on positive attitudes towards issues at school. 
  • Neville Cornelius- our school psychologist has suggested the following web site as helpful for children dealing with issues that may concern them,