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104.7 FMPatto PS - School of Rock!

The strength of digital media is that as technology advances so do ways in which students utilise and interact with these tools. The knowledge gained from using such technology, enables students to build on prior skills and further develop ideas and strategies, to complement the school curriculum and to make real life connections.


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The current R@dio crew lead by three year 6 students lead a crew of approx 16 students from Year 4. Together they plan and develop the weekly broadcasts with different children being DJs each week. The whole school is also involved through a class 'HOT SEAT' quiz show with different students from each class getting a chance to experience the radio studio throughtout the year. The station is managed by the children under the expert guidance of Mrs Bearup; the ICT specialist teacher.


Hear some of our shows......


Last year we interviewed the premier of Victoria Dr Napthine. That was a special privledge.


The PLPS Radio Program was established in 2006 with the premise of developing leadership qualities within the older students. The focus of the Radio Program soon furthered into interviewing special guests and the respective publicity, advertising and promotion within both the PLPS school environment and that of the extended community.


Past special guests have included: Bert Newton, Jason Bright, former PM John Howard, Andrew Bogut, Robert Harvey, Jimmy Giggle, Catriona Rowntree, Mike Larkan, Rex Hunt, Damien Wright, Matt Shaw and  Geoff 'Coxy' Cox. Sadly these were in the days before we podcast our shows.


 The Radio Program teaches students several important skills, including:

  • speaking and listening skills
  • radio craft and radio journalism
  • many new ICT skills
  • team work
  • time management and develops a work ethic
  • a sense of belonging
  • researching background information and content for the show
  • ·writing scripts in an articulate and clear manner
  • working cooperatively with peers of all gaes from P-6