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World explorers


Brief info on many world explorers


Find out about the age of exploration- the who, why and which nations claimed the new lands to build the modern world as we know it today.


Maps and more of many new world explorers


Maps of some famous voyages of discovery


Explorers, games activities and more


Discover famous world explorers as you complete a

Scavenger hunt.

Interactive map of famous explorations

Thinking about explorers complete this thinking interactive as to Explorers motivations and obstacles


Finding Australia


SEXTANTPre British Explorers of Australia

Early discoverers of Australia

Watch this video and learn the poem to find out about the early discoveries of Australia. This one really says it all.


More on Explorers who found Australia before Cook with a quiz as well! 

Captains Cook's actual charts! Also check out the timeline of his life and explorations

WE were almost French? Find out why


Make a timeline of the discovery of Australia


Captain Cook Interactive from ABC Splash


Who was Captain Cook? Listen and watch the video and read to find out more.


 For more about what happened after his discovery check these out

Expanding Australia


Gutenberg Project Aussie explorers
HUMEHAMIThe original journals of Charles Sturt, Ernest Giles, Ludwig Leichhardt , Edward John Eyre, Gregory Blaxland, David Carnegie, William Carron, James Cook, William Dampier, Matthew Flinders, John and Alexander Forrest, Ernest Giles, Frank and Agustus Gregory, George Grey, William Hovell, Hamilton Hume, Alexander and Frank Jardine, Phillip Parker King, William Landsborough, Ludwig Leichhardy, John MacGillivray, John McKinlay, Thomas Mitchell, John Oxley, John Lort Stokes, John McDougall Stuart, Charles Sturt, Abel Tasman and William John Wills.