PLPS takes part in the Mathletics Program.Mathletics

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Mathletics is a web-based learning program, which integrates home and school learning via the internet. Mathletics covers Prep - Year 12 Australian Maths Curriculum and is currently used in over 3600 Australian schools, (8000 schools globally) with more than 800,000 students accessing the site every day.

The benefits of Mathletics include:

  • Students are engaged and motivated to learn.
  • Mathletics is adaptive, it responds to your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students instantly know if they are on the right track and can work through the curriculum at their own pace.
  • Animated support guides students through concepts. It is like having a maths tutor 24 hours a day.
  • Live Mathletics fosters a stimulating and exciting on-line learning community.
  • Creates the perfect link between home and school, results can flow seamlessly.
  • Proven improvement results – please click on View improvement results on the Mathletics website for a survey of 1.1 billion questions
  • Teachers can view student’s progress and adapt their work accordingly.

Working at home

Students have 24 hour access to Mathletics through the use of a username and password. To gain the greatest understanding of how Mathletics can benefit your child, we encourage parents to spend time looking at the program with your child.   Please also see the Guides link on the Website below.


The Golden rules of Mathletics

1)      Do each activity 3 times!  Why?   Practice=Improvement! 

2)      Always visit support before you start the activity

3)      If you get a question wrong, go to support to get help.


To view Mathletics:

1.                   Visit

2.                   Ensure pop-ups are enabled for the website

3.                   Select sign-in and enter student details.


Celebrating Mathletics

Patterson Lakes Primary School classes receive a Mathlete of the Week trophy in recognition of class performance.  The trophy is presented at assembly each week to celebrate outstanding achievement.