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FAQs for PLPS remote Learning and Google Classroom - Your questions answered

How do I know what tasks have been given to my child? They are listed under topics under the Classwork tab also under the TO  Do list and VIEWMY WORK in the Classwork section of each classroom to which your child belongs.

See link in next question


How do I know if my child has completed a task and has been seen by a teacher? Check the TO Do list and Done


See here for details

How do I know what tasks are due?  Listed when you arrive in the Stream (home page) at the top on the left will be the tasks that have close dates of work that must be done and are due soon. Click on them and it will take you to that task. 

How can I conatct the teacher or ask a question. Use the class comments under an announcement or as parent contact the teacher via Compass or @5190plps.com email.

Usually questions are answered in a class Meet. Teachers monitor the stream throughout the day and can reply to the comment or post advice and help in the straem for all the students or request to Meet with that student/s or by other means. It depends on the grade level how each teacer manages student questions.

How do I get to the Google Classroom Meet?
Use the link when the teacher activates it.

Meets are controlled by the Classroom teacher. Usually an announcement will be in the stream notifying the students when this will occur or has been arranged with the students ina pevious Meet.  When the Meet is live a link will be provided. THis either will be with the announcement and will appear in the banner ( coloured stripe) across the top of the classroom when on the Stream. simply click the link. It will open in a new tab and join. 

What is my child's Google Classroom User name?
Its a school google email address 
EG:  XXX0005@5190plps.com
studentcode @5190plps.com

I can't see everyone in a grid on the screen in Google Meet in Google Meet. Your need the Google Meet grid view extension for your Google Chrome browser.
You need to be signed into an account using the Chrome browser to use meet with grid view. Your computer settings must allow this feature. School owned laptops do not permit this. However, peronally owned BYOD ones should. Its is a google app that works in conjunction with the browser.

Download the extenstion form 
Then when in  a Google Meet click the grid 

How do I get to Google Classroom? 
You can sign into a school @5190plps.com Google account from www.google.com and select the sign in button on the right and then from the waffle icon (nine little squares) select the classroom app.

Or go directly to Google Classroom page.  and sign in with the chid's user name and password

Do I have to sign in a Google account before accessing Google classroom? NO
You can go directlty to Google Classroom via https://classroom.google.com/

Can I use an Ipad, tablet or phone? YES
You will need to download the Google classroom from Google play or Itunes store.
On an Ipad there are web links to sites that use Adobe Flas these will not work.

Can I have mutiple Google classrrom accounts on an Ipad or Tablet? YES
You can add mutiple accounts as you would on a computer.

Do I need a seperate device for each of my children? NO
You can use mutuiple Google Accounts on any devoce so that children can share the one device. They will need to sign out of their account and allow the other child to sign in to access theirs.

You could have one child use the Chrome browser and the other a different browser such as Edge so that they can switch from each internet browser so they can keep accounts seperate and even work at the same time on unplugged activities once they have got te instructions.

When I go to Google Classroom I cannot see the icon for it.
You are signed into a normal gmail account classroom does not exist it only part of a G Suite Education account such as @5190plps,com. Switch accounts or sign out and sign into @5190plps.com

My child's classroom does not show when I open to the Google Classroom App. 
Ask your teacher to add your child or if you have the class code go to the + and type the code and join that class.

There is more than one classroom.  Normal
Typically you child can be a member of different classrooms. At plps 2020 your child should have their own classroom with their normal teacher and another one with all of the speiailist teachers as another one for each of their weekly sessions they have with them. IE' DigiTech or rotations, Visual Arts, Music, LOTE, Science and PE. These can be done on any day and does not have to be on the day your child would normally have a specialist lesson.