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ABCYA learning

Weave Silk symmetry drawing


* Activity 1 Symmetry Matching 

* Activity 2 Symmetry Sorting 

* Activity 3 Join the Dots symmetry 

* Activity 4 Symmetry Garden


Patterson Lakes Local History -,_Victoria

short bit about when the swamp was drained in 1897,_Victoria


Numeracy Links 


Need to practise and brush up on your maths skills? Want to get ahead of the class? Try these links. There is something there for everyone. 




Literacy Links
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Other Areas of the Curriculum

[Humanities] Geography, History and Economics


[brain food] Thinking exercises, puzzels and brain gymnastics to get the grey matter working.

[pe & health]


[The Arts ] 


[Misc Stuff to do and find out about]


[time zones]


[Alpha Dictionary]




KidsZone 3

Learning Resources for kids 4.